About Us



Using the performing arts to enhance the lives of children through education, mentorship, and community.   


The Griffin Institute of Performing Arts utilizes music, theater, and dance to assist diverse learners ages 5-18 years of age in discovering their full potential through award-winning instructional strategies and a strong commitment to student success. We aim to provide communities of need with the gift of the arts. Our hope is to unite individuals from all walks of life while creating valuable and educational experiences for all stakeholders.      

8-week Course


      Our 8-week sessions include progressive,   content-based courses in the areas of music, theater, and dance. These custom courses are offered through   our course catalogue and will be taught by experienced staff. Additional instruction includes private and   group lessons, workshops, master-classes, and performance opportunities.

Serving Our Students


The Griffin Institute commits itself to community outreach and youth development. This is done through the hosting of career days, mentorin groups, and community performances. Although our programs will be open to the public, our focus will be students and public schools in communities of need. We seek to provide instruction to at-risk students and those that are unable to receive quality education. Staff members include certified and non-certified teachers, artists and professionals from various occupations. Volunteers, community members, and business owners are encouraged to help forward our mission of enhancing the lives of children through the performing arts. These partnerships will assist GIPA in creating valuable, creative, and relevant educational experiences for   our members.